• Remote or On-Premise Support

    Providing 24hr support for your business and critical systems.

  • 40GB Backbone Network

    Reliable 40GB speeds for data transfers.

  • Supercharged Shared Hosting

    All our servers and storage run on SSD giving you the best Web and Appliaction perfromance

  • Efficent and Easy to Manage

    Our client protal is built to help your business move forward

  • Innovative Solutions to get you Started

    Our experienced team are ready to help you get started


We develop a clear vision moving you forward with the proper business technology

We have invested appropriately to ensure that we are able to offer customers full suite of IT services.
Creating a digital space for all, through technology an innovation center for SMB and Charities.



I am pleased to welcome you to 8 Direct Group website. Whether you’re a new to us with a challenging project, an existing client checking up on our latest news, or a partner, or future employee looking for new opportunities, I trust you’ll find what you’re looking for here.
8 Direct Group is a company that is placing clients at the heart of everything we do. With our customers and partners, building better communities through secure and cost effective infrastructure, will remain unchanged.
Our progressive thinking and creative approach is what makes us stand out and why so many of our customers keep coming back to us. We have a clear vision of what we want to be; leaders in alternative provider of IT Services. I’m proud of the work we do safely and sustainably.
Enjoy our website and feel free to contact your local representative for any additional information.

Baah Mensah, Owner Founder


Cloud and Compute

Secure cloud solution designed to boost your IT Infrastructure.


Reliable Web Hosting keeps your website up and running, with premium features like never before.

IT Support(MSP)

Our IT Managed Service ensures day to day operations are fully operational and secure.

Not for Profit

Enterpise services without the price tag. Secure full or part managed IT.


We provide your business with fast, efficient, reliable and most importantly cost-effective IT Services.