Non Profit

You take on the mission. we manage IT.

Non-profits use technologies, including cloud, social and mobile, to increase the quantity of clients served and improve the quality of services provided.

You have many clients to serve: the people you help, the partner organisations you work with to help them, the donors that help you pay for it, and others. And, you use technology to make it more efficient, more available and more cost-effective.
All of that technology needs people to keep it running. Networks are in the mix: you’re sending critical and sometimes privacy-protected data that has to reach its destination fast and without error or attack.

Secure collaboration is key to managing both resources and money. Sharing files, schedules and contact information through technology streamlines the operation, reduces the workload for your staff and volunteers, and saves money

Why Choose Us

At 8 Direct, we understand the nature of many organisations. Our team of certified expertise provides a Fully Managed, remote and onsite IT support solution for charities that wish to fully outsource their IT provision

Our Benefits

  • Protect donor information
  • Increase infrastructure security
  • Manage mobile, workstation and networks
  • Backup servers
  • Alert system failures
  • Update software mobile, workstation and networks